It’s not every day that you have to change your tired white plain switches to “something a bit different”. When it comes to interior design, ‘Switching’ out your plain white wiring accessories is the icing on the cake or maybe your very own Pièce de résistance.

So if you are going to introduce your own little change up don’t be afraid to look at what is on the market at the moment. It’s far surpassed the old plastic white switches everyone has been used to seeing in your standard UK household. So before we go into any more unnecessary detail, let us proudly introduce our new “Polished Copper” collection from Varilight. These are the first of its kind to hit the highly mind boggling, possibly saturated market, with no less than a “bang”.

Our very exclusive Polished Copper plates have a brilliant highly polished mirror effect that give this range a very warm contemporary feel. The reflective plate ensures this range of Polished Copper plates seriously stand out from the crowd.

Whether it is to suit your new kitchen with its added copper fixtures or fittings or even to add something truly classy and stylish to your office, this Range is without a doubt one of our most anticipated ranges to date and it is no wonder with the various possibilities available. Your very own copper rainbow has arrived!

If you have any questions about the polished copper switches and sockets please do not hesitate to contact us.

The range can be found here.