To complement the popular V-Pro dimmer series for 1 to 10 dimmable LEDs, where a maximum load of 100W is recommended, VARILIGHT is launching an entirely new dimmer technology, called V-Com, which is capable of controlling higher wattage LED loads.

V-Com is primarily targeted at commercial installations, such as offices where large numbers of dimmable LED panels are installed, but V-Com is equally at home controlling larger loads in a domestic environment, for example in rooms with more than the V-Pro series maximum load of 10 downlights.

Customers with larger installations can now order V-Com dimmers rated up to 220W of dimmable LED lighting (180W on multi-gang and grid). A 400W version is also in the final stages of development. Just like V-Pro, V-Com series dimmers benefit from a programmable minimum brightness setting to deliver the best possible brightness range for a given LED load. In addition, intelligent overload protection and soft start features help extend product life.



V-Com dimmers are push-on/off with rotary dimming and are offered across the vast range of Varilight decorative finishes as well as standard white faceplates. The product codes for V-Com dimmers begin with the letter K.

For example, in Varilight Matt Chrome the code KSP221 is for a 1 Gang 2 Way 220W Dimmer. Similarly, a 2-Gang 2 Way 2 x 180W Dimmer in Classic White has the code KQP182W.

Grid versions of V-Com rated for up to 180W of dimmable LEDs are available for the Varilight PowerGrid range (code GKP180W for white plastic and GKP180S for brushed steel, for example). Varilight also offer a “multi-grid” version in white (GKP180W.MG) which is supplied with fascias suitable for MK, GET and Crabtree grid systems.

For more information or to order V-Com dimmers please contact your Varilight supplier.