Doyle and Tratt’s
Tops Independent Test

Lux review recently embarked on an unexpected review and analysis of the varilught v-pro dimmer.

The results of the test that was published in August edition of Lux Review demonstrate the versatility of the Varilight V-Pro Dimmer.

“It worked straight out the box and gave smooth operation with all lamps.” Lux Review, August 2016
Read the full article here (The article refers to the dimmer using our company name, “Doyle and Tratt V-Pro”)

Up against several other LED dimmers and tested across a wide selection of dimmable LED lamps, the V-Pro dimmer came out on top. High grades were awarded to the V-Pro dimmer for its performance with each of the lamps tested and particular mention was made of the V-Pro dimmer’s ability to dim to very low brightness levels.

This is the latest in a series of accolades for V-Pro dimmers which are now available in two ratings, one for up to 10 LED lamps (max. 120W) and a higher-rated dimmer for up to 30 LED lamps (max. 300W), across the entire Varilight range of decorative finishes. Grid versions are also available for Varilight PowerGrid and as a Multi-Grid version for MK, Crabtree and Schneider grid systems. Replacement modules for standard dimmer faceplates are also available.

It is also possible to purchase remote control V-Pro dimmers which have the added advantage of multi-point dimming, including a grid version of the Eclique2 series for the Varilight PowerGrid range.