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Varilight V-Plus Dimmers

Varilight V-Plus

The V-Plus Series Dimmer has Soft Start Technology, allowing a longer lamp life span.
The V-Plus Series dimmers can be used for mains voltage, low voltage transformer loads, or control of awkward loads.
V-Plus Dimmers can be used for mains incandescent GLS lamps (standard mains light bulbs), up to the maximum load of the dimmer.
They can also dim GU10 or similar Hi Spot Mains Halogen lamps.
Good quality Dimmable Electronic Transformers can also be dimmed using this dimmer
Please note that noise levels can depend on the quality of the Transformer being used.
We recommend using up to 10 Varilight Electronic Low Voltage Transformers, with this product, or 5 from a different brand.
If you are using another manufacturer of transformer, add up the VA of the Transformers up to the maximum wattage of the dimmer.
This V-Plus Series Dimmer can be used for wire-wound Low Voltage Transformers.
V-Plus dimmers cannot be used with dimmable LEDs.
Can be used on Fans and other inductive load appliances, but please check with manufacturer of appliance.
The V-Plus Dimmer Series uses Leading Edge Technology.
Controlled by a micro-processor, they offer sophisticated overload protection. This means that if you mistakenly connect your dimmer to too many lights or transformers it will protect itself from failure by turning the lights down or off until the load is corrected.

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