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Varilight Ballast Dimmers

These dimmers are for use with multiple high-frequency ballasts or LED drivers requiring a 1-10V DC input. The dimming function is virtually the same as 0-10V. The difference is that VARILIGHT 1-10V dimmers have a push on/off action to turn off the mains (0V position) whereas 0-10V will just turn down to a '0' position. 

VARILIGHT 1-10V dimmers are 1- or 2-way and can be controlled 2-way with a standard switch. It is designed to work with 1 or multiple ballasts/drivers up to 20mA.

These types of dimmers require an extra two cores of cable as the dimming and switching functions are separate. The switching side is wired as a conventional switch to the mains and the dimming side is connected via the extra two core cable to the positive and negative terminals on the dimmable ballast/LED driver. Please see the wiring diagram for more information.

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