JQI401 Varilight V-Pro Series Classic 1 Gang, 1 or 2 Way or Multi-way 1x400 Watt Touch/Remote Master Dimmer, Trailing Edge, Classic White Dimmer

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1 Gang (Single), 1 or 2 Way or Multi-way 400 Watt V-Pro Touch/Remote Master Dimmer, (Trailing Edge), Classic White Dimmer

Varilight 1 Gang (Single), 1 Way (or multi-way if used with slave dimmer), 1x400 Watt V-Pro Series Touch/Remote Master Dimmer, with Trailing Edge Technology, but this can now be adjusted to Leading Edge. (For Mains, ESL's, GU10's and Almost All Low Voltage Applications, as well as most good quality dimmable LED's). This Dimmer Series features scene setting and zonal lighting using a Universal Remote handset. VARILIGHT dimmer switches have an industry-wide reputation for exceptional performance, long life and innovation at attractive prices. The VARILIGHT V-Pro (Professional Universal) Touch and Remote Dimmer Series has been perfectly designed to dim a range of different fittings including GU10's, ESL's, and especially good for most quality dimmable LED lamps.

This dimmer can be used in many applications, like Retirement and Nursing Homes, commercial premises, Bars, Nightclubs as well as domestic households. The V-Pro Touch/Remote Dimmers are equipped with an internal remote control detector, giving the dimmer buttons that sleek style. Multiple Location placement: The lights can be dimmed from any location, (if used with Slave dimmers), rather than only one location when using standard dimmerswitches.

Like all our products the V-Pro Touch and Remote Dimmer Series are designed to meet the latest European Safety Legislation.

As the name suggests, you can dim these dimmers by touch or alternatively using a remote control (Remote control sold seperately: YRC8 or YRE8).

The dimmers are easily programmable so it is possible to dim your lights with a spare button on an existing remote control, for example a Sky or TV remote. Instructions on how to achieve this are included with the dimmer, and a PDF is displayed in "Specs & PDF's" section. If more than one Touch and Remote Dimmer is being used, the optional Varilight 8-channel Remote Control is available (product code YRC8 or YRE8).

The V-Pro Touch and Remote dimmer is equipped with self re-setting Overload Protection, so is able to handle overload situations, for example, if the wattage of the bulbs/lamps are accidentally too high on a circuit. The dimmer achieves this by cutting out before there is any damage, (if the watts are grossly overloaded), until the load/lamps are reduced. This V-Pro Touch and Remote dimmer series also contains a heat sensor which again stops damage to the dimmer, if it becomes too hot.

The V-Pro Touch and Remote Dimmer Series have a Soft Start Technology, allowing a longer life span of the bulbs or lamps used by increasing the brightness level softly, which also creates a welcoming effect.

V-Pro Classic Dimmers can be used in 1-way, 2-way, 3-way or even multi-way circuits.

When using the V-Pro Classic Touch and Remote Dimmers in 2-way circuits or more, they should be used with Slave Dimmers in the other switch locations. In every circuit there should be only one V-Pro Classic Touch and Remote Master Dimmer, and then any number of Slave Dimmers.

Please check with the manufacturer that the appliance is dimmable.

This Dimmer has a maximum of 400 Watts per dimming module (100 Watts for LEDs) and minimum of 10 Watts.

These dimmers do not work with lighting panels (LED or CFL).

Please note that only good quality dimmable LEDs should be used. If this dimmer is purchased and the LED lamps are not compatible, the dimmer is not faulty so can not be returned, but a better quality LED lamp/bulb should be fitted instead. As a rule, buy the V-Pro dimmers and LEDs from us to make sure all is compatible.

We only sell products that have the latest software updates, our PDF instruction manuals are updated regulary and refer to the product that is being sold.

-Height (mm):85

-Width (mm):85


-Max Load 400 Watt, LED Max Load 100 Watt

-Min Load 10 Watt

-Fits in a 25mm Deep Wall Box

-Controlled By Infrared Remote Handset or Logitech Harmony - Not Included

-The Best Dimmer For Most Good Quality Dimmable LED's.

-Can Be Used With Existing Varilight Slave Dimmers or Varilight Eclique Slaves

-Trailing and Leading Edge Dimmer, refer to instructions provided with the dimmer, to allow switching between the 2 modes.

-Soft Start Technology Allows a Longer Lifespan of Lamps

-The V-Pro Classic Dimmers Work With Universal Remote Handsets, Such As, Logitech Harmony
-V-Pro Classic TchRem PDF
-Compatibility 2013 PDF

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is this dimmer suitable for my GU10 LED Dimmables.if not pls suggest the right one
Yes, this dimmer switch is suitable for 1-10 good quality dimmable LED bulbs.

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