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Don't Forget...


What paint can I use? - You can use any paint, which will give you a variety of finishes.

How many coats will it typically take to finish them well? - Varilight recommend 3 coats for emulsion, which can be applied by brush or roller, and at least 1 coat for spray paint.

Will these conform to British Standards? - All our products conform to the BSEN Standards.

Can I remove the paint once painted - if so how? - You can't remove the paint unless you're confident in sanding it off with sandpaper or similar, but you can over-paint the plate if you decide to change your wall colour.

Do I still get a warranty once painted? - Warranty is for the working parts of the accessories, but not on the finish that has been applied.

What colour do they come unfinished? - They are a slightly creamy off white when they're unfinished.

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