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Varilight USB Power Sockets

VARILIGHT USB Charging Sockets

2-Gang 13A Double Pole Sockets with
2 x Optimised 5V DC 2100mA USB Charging Ports.

We are pleased to announce Varilight's new addition to their most favoured ranges. A double 13 Amp socket with two integrated USB charging ports, one optimised for Apple products such as ipods, ipads and iphones, etc, with reduced charging times. The other port can be used for the charging of all other devices.
We, at MySwitchShop, were very excited when we heard Varilight's plans for this USB charging socket at the start of 2014, as we knew it would be very popular in all households, and work environments alike.

So de-tangle your wired life by ordering yours today. Select the range you require below.

Optimised USB Charging Ports
When viewed from the front, the left-hand USB charging port on this product is optimised for Apple devices and the right hand USB charging port is optimised for non-AppLle devices.
Either port maybe used for any suitable device but choosing the optimised port may improve the charging time.

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