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We, are proud to present you with Varilight's latest addition of enhanced LED dimmers, The V-Com Series.

V-Com LED Dimmers have been designed, by Varilight, to dim larger LED loads, with some dimmers in the V-Com Series that have maximum wattages of up to 600 watts and are able to dim up to 60 LEDs!

This powerful dimmer Series was created originally for the commercial industry, where large numbers of LEDs are installed in Commercial properties, for example, in shops, restaurauts, hotels, bars, pubs, night clubs, and public areas, to name a few. We also now see that you will benefit from installing the V-Com Series in your home if dimming more than 10 LEDs, for example; or if you are creating a new-build; or even refurbishing your home and replacing halogen lamps for LEDs. The V-Com Series provides endless possibilities.

Although you are able to dim other load types with the V-Com, we can provide less expensive alternative dimmers for these types of applications.

The V-Com Series, is ideal for dimming good quality dimmable: LED ceiling panels, industrial and commercial LED lighting, integrated LED downlights, and GU10 or other LED replacements lamps, and LEDs requiring TRIAC dimming.

V-Com dimmers include the following special features:

 - Enhanced technology for dimming up to 60 LEDs/600 watts, on some models.  

 - Easily adjustable minimum brightness, to make LEDs dim at lower levels.  

 - Soft Start Technology to help improve lamp life.  

 - Thermal Protection which cuts the power to the dimmer, in circumstances of overheating due to overloading of the dimmer.

The V-Com Series, is available in all of Varilight's plate ranges and styles and have been created with Power Grid in mind too, making V-Com cosmetically versatile in any location.




Dimension Screwless

Dimension Screwless

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Ultra Flat

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