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V-Pro IR

V-Pro Infra Red Varilight's new V-Pro IR LED Dimmers are very stable dimmers designed to dim 1-10 LEDs upto 100 Watts and other light fitings too. Here are the main features of the dimmer:

- The best dimmer for most good quality dimmable LEDs.

- Improved software enabling zone lighting and scene setting

- Can be used with Varilight V-Pro IR Slave dimmers

- Skin Resistance Touch sensitive button for perfect dimming functionality

- Modes for Trailing and Leading Edge Dimmer

- Soft start technology allows a longer lifespan of lamps

- Minimum brightness can be adjusted easily

- Multiple dimming modes that are easily changeable

For more info, please take a look at the dimmers in this category.

PLEASE NOTE: What some manufacturers of LED lamps advertise is that their dimmable LEDs work with any type of dimmer switch on the market! Unfortunately this is not the case and sometimes lamps manufacturers are more focused on the manufacturing costs and appearance (physical dimensions and appearance to their traditional counterparts) than their performance by compromising on valuable space for decent internal driver electronics. This has been confirmed by correct operation with the halogen lamp fitted instead of a LED.

This is a rare issue but Varilight have developed a device called a Glowfix (YAGF), In order to combat the described problem by compensating for the poor lamp driver design.

We would always advise our customers to consult the LED manufacturer with regard to compatibility with Varilight V-Pro dimmers; Some LED manufacturers have sent their LEDs to Varilight for testing, but there are many companies that haven't yet. Varilight dimmers have been engineered to be as widely compatible as possible and have been tested with a broad selection of lamps. The number of lamps in the market is always increasing and the designs of lamps that have been tested are also often changed by manufacturers without warning. So choose the YAGF (Glowfix) to resolve the issues above, these are found, of course, on



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