MARK LIGHTING Lamp 6W Dimmable LED GLS All Glass Bulb B22
MARK LIGHTING Lamp 6W Dimmable LED GLS All Glass Bulb B22
MARK LIGHTING Lamp 6W Dimmable LED GLS All Glass Bulb B22
MARK LIGHTING Lamp 6W Dimmable LED GLS All Glass Bulb B22

MARK LIGHTING Lamp 6W Dimmable LED GLS All Glass Bulb B22

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Introducing our new Mark LED Dimmable bulbs

As evident from the images it is without a doubt that these bulbs are ones that stand out from others on the market at the moment. The elegant style that mimics the style of a traditional GLS bulb is created with a smooth glass exterior and interior. The MARK All-Glass LED bulb is a look that is sought after given that they look fantastic in all fittings including exposed pendant lights.

Unlike any other LED dimmable bulbs on the market at the money these MARK LED bulbs dim brilliantly without fault with all Varilight dimmers. Not only is this particular range of dimming the best we here at My Switch Shop have seen but also we have never seen a bulb that dims as smoothly with such a high quality effect.

Use up to 90% less power

The MARK LED bulbs are extremely efficient when compared to traditional GLS halogen bulbs. Traditional bulbs run much hotter and therefore expend huge amounts of energy. Given that MARK LED bulbs run a lot colder they save huge amounts of energy (up to 90%) and also have a vastly greater life span.

Replace with ease

The MARK LED lamps have the same bases as traditional bulbs so can be used as a direct replacement. The maximum output on these lamps is exceptionally high and therefore will enable you to create the same amount of light as the halogen bulbs being replaced.

It’s the details - Vintage

MARK bulbs have an interior LED filament created to mimic the look of traditional light bulbs. The filament is yellow and provides an aesthetic finish. These bulbs are designed to be on show!

Pure quality - 5 year warranty

The MARK dimmable LEDs are made to an exceptional standard. As such they come with a 5 year warranty to reinforce this.
Product code: M27FA6D/ww
Lumens: 660lm
Wattage: 6W
Base fitting: B22
Beam angle: 340 degree
Replacement for 60W
Voltage: 220-240V
Dimmer: Yes
Switch: on/off life: >15000 hours
Colour: Warm white Colour temperature: 2700k
CRI: >80
Power factor: 0,5
Average life: 25000 hours
Flicker IC
Warranty: 5 years
Energy efficiency rating: A++
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3 Reviews
August 04, 2017
Great Quality Bulb

As bulbs go its very good!

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Dave Moore
July 20, 2017
Best dimmable lamp I've used.

Best dimmable lamp I've used.

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Martin Gooding
July 20, 2017
Fantastic Product

Such good Value for a lamp as good as this, I've never seen an all glass dimmable LED lamp before, it dims perfectly.

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asked by Roman Mervart on January 25, 2019

Does the bulb dimm to very, very low level and remains warm colour? Intended for nursery

Staff answered:

Yes this bulb does dim low with the Varilight V-Pro series dimmmers, so should be suitable for a nursery.

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