TIFP400C Varilight V-Dim Thermal Protection Series 1 Gang, 1 or 2 Way 400 Watt Dimmer, Dimension Screwless Freestyle

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1 Gang (Single), 1 or 2 Way 400 Watt Thermal Protected Dimmer, Dimension Screwless Freestyle

Varilight V-Dim (Standard but with Thermal Protection) Series Dimension Screwless Freestyle, 1 Gang (Single), 1 or 2 Way 400 Watt Push on/Push off Standard Dimmer Switch with Polished Chrome Knob

VARILIGHT Dimmer Switches have an industry-wide reputation for exceptional performance, long life and innovation at attractive prices. Like all Varilight products these V-Dim (Standard) Series dimmers are designed to meet the latest European Safety Legislation.

It is important to select the correct dimmer switch for your application so please read the following information carefully.

This dimmer has Thermal Protection built in. Thermal Protection, shuts down the dimmer if it's being overloaded, eg. if bulbs are too high in watts and exceeds the maximum stated on the dimmer.

The lights are dimmed by a rotary control knob and turned on and off by a push on/off action. V-Dim Push on/off dimmers are suitable for 1-way and 2-way circuits.

Our V-Dim Series Standard Dimmers are Leading Edge and can be used with mains voltage lighting and good quality Low Voltage Electronic Transformers. When using Electronic Low Voltage Transformers we recommend that a maximum of 5 good quality dimmable Electronic Transformers are used (10 if Varilight) with this Dimmer range. Please note: add the watts of the bulbs/lamps if using Varilight Transformers, to determine which dimmer to select, but if using another manufacturer of Transformer, add up the VA of the Transformers so it does not exceed the maximum of the dimmer. Please note that noise levels can depend on the quality of the Transformer being used. The best suited dimmer series for dimming Electronic Low Voltage Transformers is the V-Pro Series, which has many features including Dimmer Buzz Elimination, that is created from the Transformers. If using 6+ non Varilight Transformers then choose the V-Pro or V-Plus Series.

The V-Dim Series Standard Push on/off Dimmers can be used in 2-way circuits (where one lighting circuit is controlled from two locations). In order to achieve 2-way switching, they must be paired with a standard 2-way switch in the other location. 3-way switching can be achieved by adding an intermediate switch in to the circuit. When using V-Dim Standard Push on/off Dimmers in a 2 or 3-way circuit the lights can only be dimmed from the location that the dimmer is situated in. Please note, if total dimming is preferred from many switched locations, in a 2, 3 or more way circuit then choose the Varilight Touch and Remote range of dimmers, in conjunction with Slave Dimmers.

The Freestyle Series is a mini range.

The Freestyle Range allows the creation of individual designs. To create the design, simply remove the clear front plate carefully by gently pulling two of the raised clips on adjacent sides of the clear frame around the product, to allow the clear front plate to be lifted out. There are now a few options: Lift out the printed card, turn it over, this can be drawn on. Alternatively, use the printed card as a template to create desired design, or cut photos, wallpaper or print anything from the internet (Be Creative!)

It may be easier to to draw around the clear faceplate on the back of the selected design, and then cut with scissors or a craft knife on a suitable surface.

Lastly put the design in place, on the product, and clip the the clear front plate back into the clear frame to secure.

Choose V-Pro Dimmer Series if dimming LED's.

The V-Dim Push on/off Series are NOT suitable for use with wire wound Transformers or Fans and other inductive loads (for these products see The V-Plus [Intelligent IQ] Dimmer Series, and Fan Regulating dimmers). Please check with manufacturer of appliance to be dimmed.

This Dimmer has a maximum of 400 Watts and minimum of 60 Watts.

Please see Varilight's recommendation of maximum loads in the Compatibility guide PDF found in "Specs & PDF's"

-Height (mm):86

-Width (mm):86


Thermal Protection Series - that turns dimmer off if bulbs are grossly overloaded, therefore saving the dimmer from damage.

-Max Load 400 Watt

-Min Load 60 Watt

-Fits in a 35mm Deep Wall Box

-To clean product we recommend only using a microfibre cloth.
-Generic Dimmer Instructions 552 PDF
-Screwless Fitting PDF
-Compatibility 2013 PDF

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