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4 USB Socket 4g Charging Ports from Varilight

We have just launched a My Switch Shop exclusive with our 4 gang usb socket range manufactured by Varilight. Typically usb sockets come in the form of a double plate with either only 2 usb sockets or 2 usb sockets with 2 UK plug sockets. These new 4 gang usb port sockets are 4 usb

Polished Copper Switches & Sockets From Varilight

It's not every day that you have to change your tired white plain switches to "something a bit different". When it comes to interior design, ‘Switching’ out your plain white wiring accessories is the icing on the cake or maybe your very own Pièce de résistance. So if you are going to introduce your own

New MARK LED Dimmable Filament All-Glass Bulbs

Introducing our new Mark LED bulbs As evident from the images it is without a doubt that these bulbs are ones that stand out from others on the market at the moment. The elegant style that mimics the style of a traditional GLS bulb is created with a smooth glass exterior and interior. The MARK

The Bakelite Range

The famous, unique and bespoke Bakelite Range has just landed at My Switch Shop. The range includes four various wooden bases including light oak, medium oak, dark oak and unfinished oak. The Bakelite range have been fantastically moulded in the original material and conforming to BS EN 60669-1. They are offered as a standard 1

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