V-Pro Smart - Available In All Decorative Finishes

V-Pro Smart - Available In All Decorative Finishes



V-Pro Smart 1 & 2-Gang Rotary, Supla & Companion Controllers are now available in all Classic, Urban, Lily, Vogue & Screwless finishes! Varilight V-Pro Smart Dimmers work with Google Home and Alexa and don't require a neutral connection.

Simply replace your existing switch or dimmer with a V-Pro Smart WiFi dimmer with no extra wiring and no hub required. Download the free Supla app and take advantage of a suite of smart features to enhance your lighting control. Link your V-Pro Smart WiFi dimmer to Amazon Alexa or Google Home and you can even ask your smart speaker to dim your lights! The V-Pro Smart range features Multi-Way Dimming using Companion Controllers in combination with a V-Pro Smart dimmer.


One of the most common product requests we've had over the past decade has been a rotary controlled dimmer with the capability to dim from multiple positions. Until recently, the technology hasn't been available to do this but with the new simple to use V-Pro Smart Rotary dimmers, Varilight has now made it possible.

The new range of V-Pro Smart dimmers uses an encoder in place of a potentiometer, allowing for infinite rotation of all the lighting controls on the circuit. This means that it doesn't matter where the control is on a different position, all that matters is what you're inputting when you want to adjust the lighting, making Multi-Way dimming possible while maintaining the look and feel of a rotary dimmer.

V-Pro Smart micro-Push on/off dimmers are suitable for both 1 way and 2 way circuits, and can be used for multi-way circuits too.
The V-Pro Smart Series are programmable intelligent dimmers with a choice of dimming modes for wider compatibility. All V-Pro Smart dimmers offer superior dimming technology to deliver the best possible dimming performance for numerous applications. It is also possible to set a child lock and has a special Boost Level setting. All these settings can be performed whilst the dimmer is attached to the wall.

Boost Level Function: Some LED lights require a large amount of power to come on and so do not illuminate at low brightness levels. The Boost Level Function caters for LED lights that require more power at start up by rising the start up brightness level, and putting the brightness back to the specified level.


Some LEDs are set to a default minimum brightness which may be too bright, the dimmer can be easily adjusted so the minimum or maximum brightness of the LED is set to your own desired setting.

The V-Pro Smart Series (Supla WIFI) were primarily designed for Dimmable LEDs, the dimmers, with a minimum load of 0 Watts and maximum load of 100 watts, can operate the majority of quality dimmable LEDs on the market, it works especially well with the manufacturers, Mark Lighting and Integral LED.

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More Smart updates to follow soon...