4 USB Socket 4g Charging Ports from Varilight

We have just launched a My Switch Shop exclusive with our 4 gang usb socket range manufactured by Varilight.

Typically usb sockets come in the form of a double plate with either only 2 usb sockets or 2 usb sockets with 2 UK plug sockets. These new 4 gang usb port sockets are 4 usb ports on a single plate.

Unlike most other USB sockets on the market, these 4 USB ports share 4800mA which means they are are all suitable for devices as big as iPads.
Varilight has made the flat plates in a wide varitety of different finishes and a choice of either black or white inserts.

Below are some of the features the 4g USB Socket boasts: Product Features – Power more devices with the flexibility of four charging ports sharing 4800mA – Smart Port technology makes it ideal for charging multiple devices, including iPads, iPhones, tablets, mobiles and cameras – The USB port detects the device to be charged and optimises its output accordingly to achieve the fastest possible charging speed. – Sleek, low-profile screwless faceplate The USB Socket range can be found here. If you have any questions regarding this range please do not hesitate to phone or email our technical team.