Freestyle - Transparent Plate

The Freestyle Series is a mini range consisting of a Single Switch (XiF1C), a Double Switch (XiF2C), Single Socket (XiF4CW), and a Double Socket (XiF5CW).
The Freestyle Range allows the creation of individual designs.
To create the design, simply remove the clear front plate carefully by gently pulling two of the raised clips on adjacent sides of the clear frame around the product, to allow the clear front plate to be lifted out. There are now a few options: Lift out the printed card, turn it over, this can be drawn on.
Alternatively, use the printed card as a template to create desired design, or cut photos, wallpaper or print anything from the internet (Be Creative!)
It may be easier to to draw around the clear faceplate on the back of the selected design, and then cut with scissors or a craft knife on a suitable.
Lastly put the design in place, on the product, and clip the the clear front plate back into the clear frame to secure.

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