YAGF is also known as The GlowFix, and is a load regulator.

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The Glow Fix Module. The Varilight Glow Fix load regulator is designed to improve the dimming performance of LED lamps when used in combination with V-Pro and V-Pro Eclique LED Dimming Series.

A GlowFix can improve performance in two ways:-

1. With certain combinations of lamps the addition of a GlowFix load regulator can improve the stability of the lamps at a lower brightness level, extending the dimming range when used with both V-Pro and V-Pro Eclique dimmers.

2. Due to the extremely low current required to illuminate them, some LED lamps will remain illuminated at a low glow when remote control dimmers (such as Varilight's V-Pro Eclique dimmers)are switched off. This is because remote control dimmers draw a tiny current in standby mode so that they are ready to receive a signal from the handset. This tiny current may be sufficient to illuminate LED lamps. The addition of just one GlowFix will solve this problem.

The Varilight GlowFix is super efficient, drawing less than 1 watt.

Fitting Instructions: Please see Instructions that are included with the YAGF. The GlowFix load regulator can be easily retrofitted by simply wiring it in parallel with any of the lamp fittings.

-Height (mm):23

-Width(mm):? 55

-For Use With Dimmable LEDs like Megaman's Candle LED to stop the glow when dimmer is turned off.

-Can improve the stability of LED lamps at lower brightness levels.
-Wiring Accessories PDF

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